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25 apr

Gästinstruktör Oliver Kiraly

Under 2109 komer Oliver tillbaka till oss vid flera tillfällen. Första besöket sker i April då det blir kurs på öppenklassnivå sedan är Oliver bland annat instruktör på vår sommarcamp den 7-10/8

Olivers egen presentation:

My name is Oliver Kiraly I live in Jasd, Hungary with my wife, Veronika and with our two children, Benjamin and Magdalena. I work full-time as a professional retriever trainer, most of the year I’m travelling around and giving training seminars for retriever enthousiasts all over Europe. I also offer trainings on my ground, during Spring and Fall groups are coming to us for training holidays.

I started with goldens from american working lines, now I only have labs from british lines. I had great success with my dogs on tests and trials, unfortunately recently due to my busy work schedule I have very little time to run competitions. Winter is my off-season, so then I go picking up, shooting and trialling as much as I can. A couple years ago I started to breed under the “Kingsdale Meadow” prefix.

I judged tests and trials in almost every European countries. I was a founder of the Hungarian Working Retriever Club and the FT-WT secretary for the Hungarian Golden Retriever Club (GRK) and recently became a board member for the Syndicate of Hungarian Gundog Judges. I represented Hungary several times in big international events, such as the IWT or the Skinners World Cup.

At the end of 2017 I released my first retriever training book, “The Balance” (in english) and soon later the german edition of it. I’m glad to say that up to now it was sold in more than 25 countries and received a very positive welcome!

I’ve been to Sweden several times, always good experience, nice people, good dogs, wonderful grounds, so I’m looking forward to be back in 2019!

  • Startdatum: torsdag 25 april
  • Resterande datum: 28/4
  • Tid: 10-16
  • Plats: Kopparhult
  • Kursavgift: 1500
  • Antal deltagare: 6

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